OptiBuy opens new office in Katowice, Silesia

17 January 2020

OptiBuy opened a new branch in southern Poland – in Katowice. This is the third office in the country and the sixth - including foreign locations.





The branch is located at 5 Młyńska Street (Katowice) and its team will mainly focus on one of the key business lines of OptiBuy - the complex implementation of a state-of-art IT solution for procurement - Ivalua Buyer (https://www.ivalua.com/), as a support for the Kielce branch.


The Silesian unit will be managed by an experienced manager with years of practice Adam Szymoszek (MBA), who has been associated with the strategic procurement area for over 15 years. He, among other projects, was involved in the implementation of new-generation diesel engines and new Honda Civic and CRV models. Until the end of 2019 - he was responsible for the sourcing process at Nidec Motors & Actuators. A graduate of CIPS and MBA and a Lecturer at the Kozminski University.


I am very happy that I could join the OptiBuy team after almost 20 years of work in the automotive industry. The more that my activity will be based in my home region of Silesia. We want to increase our availability for companies and production plants located in the area. At the same time, we would like to connect with the German-speaking customers by offering implementation projects for the Ivalua Buyer platform in their native language. Certainly, the IT tools we offer will find their recipients in the constantly growing and developing Upper Silesia – say Adam Szymoszek, Senior Manager, OptiBuy

Adam Szymoszek, OptiBuy

Adam Szymoszek on LinkedIn


The choice of location was mainly determined by proximity to foreign markets (Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria) and the metropolitan character of the Upper Silesian Industrial District.


We realize that you can't speak only Katowice. By Katowice, we mean the entire metropolis - rich in economic zones with its plants and factories, technology HUBs with incubators, startups transforming into large companies. With locations accessible through the most modern communication nodes and within the range of international airports. We also admit that Silesia is extraordinary for us, because of the numerous universities, which educate and train excellent specialists and engineers, which we will certainly need - says Mateusz Borowiecki, Managing Director at OptiBuy.

OptiBuy's office in Katowice

OptiBuy Sp. z o.o.

Młyńska 5/5

40-098 Katowice, Poland

+48 32 253 72 04
+48 730 602 358 



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