How to build supply chain resilience through nearshoring in Central Eastern Europe

4 March 2021

Perturbations caused by Covid-19 revealed some risks related to the globalization of the supply chain. Some companies may be in the process of rethinking their supply chain strategy. One of the possible outcomes may be a shift towards nearshoring. Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary offer tremendous opportunities in this field. Tomasz Gonsior, Partner at OptiBuy explains them in the interview.

Renata Puszkiel, Swiss Business Hub Central Europe




Which industries in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary have the highest potential from a sourcing perspective? 

Over the past 30 years, all these countries have become cost-effective manufacturing centers for foreign investors, especially from Germany. Poland, which is about four times larger than any of the other three countries, has a very heterogeneous economy. Obviously automotive is one of the key industries, however, Poland is quite strong as well in such sectors as aerospace components, sheet metal processing, welding structures, CNC-machining, and plastic processing, which are appreciated by our international clients.  

On the other hand, Czech Republic started to develop earlier than Poland due to its strategic location close to Germany and Austria and its size, which enabled the country to offer convenient infrastructure at an earlier point in time. Nowadays, Czech Republic focuses on CNC-machining, especially precise parts with low tolerances that are very difficult to find in Poland. Other attractive categories are...


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