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With more than 15 years in the procurement environment, we’ve noticed a lack of industry-wide meetings or events that present properly high-quality content and networking potential. Year by year, we’re extending the range of our activities, while the PROCON conferences – with the involvement of the international environment – have contributed to the development of the procurement community in Poland.

PROCON Indirect Forum

Invited experts show in their presentations that the management of indirect spend is not only savings for the entire company, but above all, it's the value added to the whole organization, resulting from the innovation and efficiency of procurement processes. Transformation of the purchasing function, strategy building or team management are just some of the topics discussed during the conference.


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PROCON Industry

In light of economic changes and increasingly wider adoption of technology, the procurement function has taken on a new dimension and procurement departments can now be the main generators of value in a company. Based on the idea of ‘Value engineering and innovations vs. Procurement’, during the May meetings we will try to answer the questions of which aspects does value engineering make evident, and how does Industry 4.0 affect Procurement 4.0?

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A different theme every year depending on industry expectations and requirements. In 2019, our main slogan was ‘Are you ready for the VUCA world’. Procurement versus volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous business environment.

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PROCON Professionals

Motivational and training tools that constitute a convenient way to plan personal growth and the development of the entire procurement department at the same time. PROCON Professionals solve procedural and budget-related problems with signing employees up for events.



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  • Business breakfasts 
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PROCON Indirect Forum is

  • Refined agenda – presentations by experienced experts 

  • Good practices in terms of INDIRECT procurement – effective tools and innovative approaches

  • Networking – more than 100 participants from senior procurement management staff

  • Invaluable benchmarking – compare the procurement management strategy in your company with solutions successfully implemented in other companies

  • Workshops – acquiring practical know-how (as part of the theme of the second day)

  • The event has been designed for: heads of medium and large enterprises, procurement management staff, managers and specialists in non-production procurement, administrative and financial managers

  • mBank

    Ewa Stosio

    IT Purchasing Expert


    "Conferences such as PROCON Indirect Forum are invaluable. Mainly, due to the fact, that this is the only place where the procurement community can exchange its experiences, talk about finalized projects and how to build procurement success."

  • Duni

    Sylwia Schönen



    "The PROCON Indirect Forum conference perfectly fits in with current market trends. It emphasizes what is important - the creation of value - both in the area of costs and building the image of purchasing organizations. I consider the workshops conducted as part of the conference as a very valuable, dynamic, engaging and bringing a broad view on the subject of negotiations with the so-called - difficult business partner."

  • DeLaval

    Łukasz Kosmala

    Senior Sourcing Manager


    "Participation in Procon Indirect Forum quickly turned out to be a great investment - right after my return I used a few ideas presented in my <<own yard>>. A perfectly organized event, and most importantly - an opportunity to meet very valuable people and exchange experiences and ideas. PROCON Indirect Forum is a great place for practitioners who want to perform their duties even better and are open to new ideas. I am waiting for the next edition!"