Dr Tomasz Gonsior w wywiadzie dla serwisu Trans.INFO (ENG)

13 grudnia 2021

Ostatnie dwa lata były testem dla budowanych od lat łańcuchów dostaw. Nearshoring w Europie Centralnej ponownie umocnił swoją pozycję w oczach osób odpowiedzialnych za logistykę czy zakupy. Wywiad z dr. Tomaszem Gonsiorem dla serwisu Trans.INFO (ENG)



Interview for Trans.INFO

Although not everyone is sold on the idea of a major nearshoring pivot, there are plenty of proponents of moving supply chains closer to home. This is evidenced by IKEA, which recently announced its plan to nearshore production of some of its product lines to Turkey – a move intended to streamline the supply chain of its European stores. 

Another area of the continent that appears primed to take advantage of a nearshoring boom is arguably Central Europe. 

One of those who share this opinion is Tomasz Gonsior, Managing Director at specialist manufacturing firm IMA Technik, and Partner at procurement consulting & technology firm OptiBuy. Indeed, earlier this year, writing for Switzerland Global Enterprise, Tomasz made the case for Swiss companies utilizing nearshoring as a means of optimizing supply chains. 

Eager to question Tomasz on the topic, as well as hear the arguments behind his hypothesis, we caught up with the man himself – not only taking the opportunity to hear about the virtues of nearshoring but also about the dangers of getting it wrong.


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