The first signs of spring? OptiBuy logo gets a revamp!

1 February 2022

The Management Board of OptiBuy decided to change the symbol of the procurement management-based brand.


The new logo responds to changes that shaped the modern economy: highlighting their connection with technology and announcing new product and service offers.




From February 1, 2022, along with the logotype change, OptiBuy will successively implement a uniform visual identification system for the entire company. The update is already visible on social media; the new version of the official website is underway.


Modifying the design aims to refresh and modernize the enterprise's identity while maintaining continuity of brand recognition.


The new project was designed to reflect the legacy of the initial corporate symbol, established in 2010. The current logo is more readable and transparent, suggesting transparency of activities and recalling advanced methods and tools used in implementation or consulting projects.

The font used and its modifications refer to the current trends and dynamism of recent market volatility, creating - along with the change of gray to navy blue - the image of a modern, pro-technological organization that successfully and comprehensively supports clients in critical digital transformation processes around the world.

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