IT tools for procurement

Smart Procurement Solutions for your company

Under partnership agreements, we provide comprehensive IT solutions supporting your procurement processes. We help you choose a software vendor, and perform full installation and set-up of your chosen tools.

Out partners include Ivalua and NextBuy.


NextBuy is an intuitive procurement platform, that provides comprehensive support for purchasing and sourcing processes in enterprises. The flexible architecture of the system is based on the SaaS solution, which means the application is easily accessible from any place and device, at any given time. NextBuy is module based which makes it possible to easily adjust the system functionality to meet specific customer requirements and align with customers' business segments.

  • supplier database management
  • purchasing orders management
  • e-catalogs
  • tenders & e-auctions
  • contract management
  • reports and analyses

Ivalua Buyer

Ivalua Buyer is an IT solution intended for large companies requiring full adaptation of a system to their own internal processes. The software’s flexibility lies in the fact that it is  highly configurable by system administrators, without the need for programming knowledge. Ivalua Buyer regularly is regularly ranked as one of the top three process management software packages in the world (Gartner Magic Quadrand, Spend Matters SolutionMap)

  • tender management (S2C)
  • procurement processes management (P2P)
  • hosted and punchout product catalogs
  • supplier relationship management (SRM)

Thrive on

  • 01
    complete procurement process in one place
  • 02
    savings potential thanks to higher supplier competition
  • 03
    access to analyses and reports
  • 04
    unlimited expansion of functional capabilities
  • 05
    document flow optimization
  • 06
    better transparency of actions


  • OptiBuy & Ivalua Partnership

    Mateusz Borowiecki

    CEO, OptiBuy

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  • NextBuy w OEX E-Business

    Krzysztof Wieczorek

    Business Architecture Director, OEX E-Business

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  • NextBuy w Bank Credit Agricole

    Jarosław Pazdro

    Head of Procurement, Bank Credit Agricole

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  • NextBuy w SDA

    Łukasz Grzeszczak

    Warehouse Management and Purchasing Manager, SDA

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