The shadow over OptiBuy: new branch in Dubai opens

Despite the crisis and collapses in global markets, OptiBuy officially began operating in the shadow of the majestic... Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

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Transforming costs into value

Relying on our 16 years of experience, advanced tools, and methods as well as an exceptional team of experts, we support your organization in the creation of competitive advantage.

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Our ideas, your savings

Our procurement consultancy services are based on our long experience acquired in the Polish and international markets.

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Purchasing in good hands

Procurement Outsourcing or using interim resources, not only does allow a clear reduction of material and service procurement costs, but also helps provide a permanent competitive level in the long run.

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Smart procurement solutions

We support your organization in digital transformation, offering sustainable, reliable and scaleable technological solutions.

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Best global sources for your company

OptiBuy has unique experience in consulting and business support working with external partners in global markets.

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Procurement consulting

Clients expect products and services of the highest possible quality for the lowest possible price. OptiBuy is a competent partner that responds to questions, creates strategic foundations and proposes consecutive steps to success within procurement activities.

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Outsourcing / Interim

Today’s business dynamics and challenges revolve around limited human resources, concentration on strategic goals and building key competences to gain a competitive advantage.

One of the faster, more effective ways of answering these challenges is through Procurement Outsourcing, or using interim resources. This brings clear reductions in material and service procurement costs, and helps provide a permanent competitive level in the long run.

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IT solutions

Under partnership agreements, we provide comprehensive IT solutions supporting your procurement processes. We help you choose a software vendor, and perform full installation and set-up of your chosen tools.

Out partners include Ivalua and NextBuy.

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Global Sourcing

In the era of widespread procurement process globalization and ever-increasing number of players in the market – we support companies in searching for and cooperating with external partners in global markets. Strategic procurement is not limited to just securing the supplies of necessary products and services. Insights into foreign markets and development of relationships with suppliers allows you to plan the growth of your organization and make the most of long‑term partnerships. 

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OptiBuy in numbers

  • over 440


  • 17

    of experience

  • almost 20 000

    users of IT tools

  • 250

    satisfied customers

  • over 12 000

    pre-approved suppliers

Procurement 2025: 1st Pillar – Improved Supplier Performance

In line with Hackett Group study and findings from 2021 world-leading procurement events, like PROCON Online Forum, supplier cooperation, and value generated from supplier-originating innovation open the list of essential pillars of sustainable and effective Procurement and the future of modern organizations.

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Dr Tomasz Gonsior: Central Europe is still primed for nearshoring supply chains

Over the last two years, supply chains have been under seemingly unprecedented stresses courtesy of covid, high shipping rates, container displacements, driver shortages and the Suez Canal accident. These developments and more have seen the concept of nearshoring come into focus when it comes to managing supply chains. An interview with dr Tomasz Gonsior for Trans.INFO

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The shadow over OptiBuy: new branch in Dubai opens

Despite the crisis and collapses in global markets, OptiBuy officially began operating in the shadow of the majestic Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

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Cost supremacy is no more (CPO 2021 PRIORITIES)

Regardless of whether it is due to years of promoting total value over mere cost or due to the still felt effects of a pandemic and collapse in supply chains, cost reduction - for the first time in history - was not at the top of the list of priorities of procurement officers.

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