In the latest report prepared by Marketplanet, dedicated to “B2B Purchase Automation,” experts delve into the key aspects and benefits of automating procurement processes in companies. Significant findings and practical tips contained in the report shed light on how companies can streamline and optimize their procurement activities. The full report is available at: Download the report.

The procurement department plays a key role in every organization, and its effectiveness directly translates to the overall efficiency of the company. As emphasized by our procurement expert from OptiBuy, procurement departments increasingly present their organizations with periodic reports and analyses that showcase the benefits of process automation.

Automation allows for the quick and effective assessment of achieved savings, operational excellence, and overall efficiency of the entire procurement process. Tools embedded in procurement platforms enable visually attractive and accurate presentation of results. This allows for a quick assessment of how effectively cost-saving objectives are being met, as well as the identification of procurement needs and their realization with selected suppliers.

The expert also highlights new challenges associated with ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance), emphasizing that automation of supplier information collection processes and report generation from this data is becoming increasingly crucial. Procurement departments, utilizing automation capabilities, can not only improve their efficiency but also build a position as a strong internal partner, preparing for upcoming challenges.

The Marketplanet report is an essential source of knowledge for all companies looking to increase the effectiveness of their procurement processes. Access to the full content of the report and detailed analyses can be obtained by visiting: Download the full report.