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Ivalua IVA disruptor AI

Is Ivalua’s IVA a Disruptor in Procurement?

Mar 29, 2024
OptiBuy - a WNS company

Ivalua, the leader in spend management solutions, introduced Ivalua IVA, a generative AI designed to streamline and enhance the procurement process, at the end of 2023.  This solution leverages large language models (LLMs) to facilitate an advanced level of interaction between users and the procurement system. Ivalua IVA aims to refine the orchestration of requests and responses, improving operational efficiency by granting users real-time access to an extensive range of knowledge, both from within the Ivalua ecosystem and from the internet, a addressing a common limitation where publicly available language models typically cap their internet knowledge updates.

The functionality a factor that distinguishes Ivalua IVA on the market, which extends beyond traditional AI. The interaction with Ivalua IVA is designed to be versatile, ranging from dynamic, interactive dialogues to simplified, one-click operations, all accessible through a user-friendly interface. At the heart of Ivalua IVA’s efficiency is its AI web service layer, which harnesses the power of LLMs to better understand user intents, thereby facilitating more precise and contextually relevant communication. This system significantly boosts capabilities in internet searches, prompt engineering, and the management of information flow to and from the generative AI, ensuring responses are not only timely but also accurately aligned with user inquiries and procurement objectives.

At the Ivalua NOW 2024 event, themed “Procurement [RE]Imagined,” OptiBuy received firsthand insights into the future trajectory of Ivalua IVA. This AI assistant, having already set a new benchmark in the procurement landscape, is poised for further evolution. The discussions at the event centered around upcoming new functionalities, enhancements aimed at deepening AI capabilities and expanding the solution’s integrability with a wider range of business systems. Let’s dive deep into the current and future features of Ivalua’s AI assistant.


Core Advancements Brought by Ivalua IVA and LLM Integration:

Ivalua IVA, utilizing Large Language Model technology, marks significant advancements in procurement processes with features designed for enhanced efficiency and informed decision-making:

  • Enhanced Data Security: In today’s digital-first procurement environment, data security is crucial. Ivalua IVA responds to this necessity by embedding advanced security frameworks, Data is not stored or shared with any third-party large language model. In fact, IVA is connected to OpenAI’s large language model, but worth to notice not Chat GPT, via Microsoft Azure. setup ensures that procurement data is not only kept confidential but also protected from third-party access, addressing common concerns around data breaches and information leaks. The secure cloud infrastructure of Microsoft Azure fortifies Ivalua IVA’s defenses, safeguarding sensitive procurement information against unauthorized access and cyber threats. By prioritizing these security measures, Ivalua IVA offers a safe, reliable tool for carrying out procurement activities, giving enterprises confidence in the integrity and security of their procurement data.
  • Real-time Knowledge Access: A standout feature of Ivalua IVA is its integration with real-time, expansive global knowledge, transcending the usual limitations of generative AIs. Leveraging the capabilities of LLMs, such as those provided by OpenAI but hosted on Microsoft Azure, Ivalua IVA goes beyond traditional data sources, tapping into up-to-date market insights and information globally. This approach diverges from older models that might use static datasets, ensuring that procurement decisions are informed by the latest available data. This integration allows for a broader perspective on market conditions and dynamics, significantly benefiting strategic planning, risk assessment, and supplier negotiations.

Source: https://www.ivalua.com/technology/procurement-platform/generative-ai

Tailoring IVA to Organization’s Procurement Needs

Adapting Ivalua IVA to specific organizational needs not only involves leveraging its pre-built and customizable use cases but also emphasizes its seamless integration with existing systems and its interactive user experience. This part will discuss the practical implications of these features in enhancing procurement operations.

Pre-Built and Custom Use Cases

IVA provides users with prebuilt use cases that cover a broad spectrum of procurement activities. This allows for immediate application in various standard scenarios, coupled with the flexibility to create customized use cases tailored to unique organizational requirements.  Below, we delve into the operational implications and practical applications of several pre-built use cases developed by Ivalua’s R&D team:

  • Supplier Research: The procurement landscape necessitates a comprehensive understanding of suppliers. The ‘Supplier Research’ use case facilitates the automated gathering of information pertaining to suppliers. By utilizing IVA, procurement professionals can streamline the acquisition of relevant data about both existing and potential suppliers, which in turn, contributes to a more informed decision-making process. This application of Generative AI aids in the reduction of manual research time, thereby optimizing resource allocation.
  • Legal Assistant: In the realm of contract management, efficiency and legal accuracy are paramount. The ‘Legal Assistant’ functionality within IVA assists users in generating contract summaries and drafting legal clauses tailored to specific procurement requirements. This AI-driven approach aids in ensuring legal compliance and consistency across contractual documents, while also significantly reducing the time traditionally required for contract drafting and review.
  • Category & Market Insights: Understanding market dynamics and category-specific trends is crucial for strategic procurement planning. Through the ‘Category & Market Insights’ use case, IVA conducts targeted research and synthesizes key trends and data. This function enables procurement professionals to access summarized market intelligence, enhancing strategic decision-making with up-to-date and relevant market insights.
  • Enhanced Communications: Clear communication with suppliers and within procurement documentation is essential for effective procurement operations. The ‘Enhanced Communications’ use case leverages IVA to assist in the creation and proofreading of communication materials. By inputting specific instructions, users can ensure that the output is aligned with organizational standards and objectives, thereby improving the clarity and professionalism of procurement-related communications.
  • Generate Improvement Plans: Addressing supplier performance issues requires structured and actionable plans. IVA’s ‘Generate Improvement Plans’ use case enables users to analyze supplier performance data and generate recommended actions. This facilitates the creation of structured improvement plans, providing a clear roadmap for addressing and resolving supplier performance deficiencies.
  • Chat With Your Documents: The analysis of extensive procurement documents can be a significant time investment. Utilizing IVA, procurement professionals can expedite this process through the ‘Chat With Your Documents’ use case. This application allows for the rapid extraction of pertinent information from documents such as contracts, Supplier ESG reports, or financial filings, enhancing efficiency in document review processes.

Beyond the predefined scenarios offered by Ivalua IVA, the tool introduces a “build your own” option, allowing users to tailor generative AI functionalities to meet specific procurement requirements. This capability empowers procurement professionals to craft custom use cases, addressing niche challenges and optimizing particular aspects of their procurement processes. Moreover, this aspect of IVA facilitates the creation of bespoke content and insights, aimed at streamlining and simplifying user tasks. By providing this level of customization, the AI supports procurement professionals in identifying and implementing new strategies and solutions that enhance their operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Integration with Existing Systems

IVA is engineered for seamless integration, ensuring effortless connectivity with current ERP systems, supply chain management applications, and other enterprise platforms. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are comprehensive software solutions used by organizations to manage and integrate important parts of their business activities. The ability to smoothly integrate with these systems is essential for organizations aiming to refine their procurement strategies without interfering with established workflows. Through its API-driven design, Ivalua IVA supports immediate data sharing and fosters a unified environment, where data can flow smoothly across various enterprise tools, enhancing the overall efficiency and cohesiveness of business operations.

Interactivity and User Experience

Ivalua IVA distinguishes itself by prioritizing a user-centric design, which is evident in its provision of both interactive and user-friendly experiences tailored to diverse user needs. The solution is developed to facilitate a rich user engagement, offering an interactive mode where users can communicate with the AI through natural language processing (NLP). This conversational interface allows for dynamic interaction, enabling users to query, receive tailored advice, and execute tasks through dialogues that mimic human conversation. Alongside, Ivalua IVA provides a streamlined “click of the button” functionality designed for executing straightforward tasks efficiently, without the need for extensive navigation or complex inputs.

This dual-mode approach ensures that the solution can accommodate various user preferences and levels of technical expertise, making it equally accessible and effective for all procurement professionals. Whether a user is highly experienced in AI technologies or new to the concept, Ivalua IVA’s intuitive design and flexible interaction models support a seamless and productive user experience. By balancing advanced AI capabilities with ease of use, Ivalua IVA aims to democratize access to AI-driven procurement solutions, fostering inclusivity and enhancing operational efficiency across the spectrum of procurement activities.

Source: https://www.ivalua.com/technology/procurement-platform/generative-ai

Upcoming features of Ivalua IVA

Ivalua’s refining of IVA is guided by a roadmap rich in innovation and adaptability. This chapter outlines the anticipated developments in Ivalua IVA, emphasizing the solution’s evolution through a lens of technical advancements and strategic enhancements.

Strategic Utilization of Large Language Models (LLMs)

Central to the Ivalua IVA evolution is a diversified approach towards leveraging Large Language Models. The current integration with OpenAI hosted on Microsoft Azure underscores a commitment to utilizing cutting-edge AI technologies. However, the roadmap reveals plans to explore and integrate a broader spectrum of LLMs, acknowledging the unique benefits these models can offer for specialized tasks. This approach not only enhances the tool’s versatility but also opens the door for organizations to incorporate custom-developed LLMs, thereby offering a new level of personalization and efficiency in procurement processes.

Document Understanding with RAG

Retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) is a method that improves the performance of generative AI models by incorporating factual information from external databases. This approach addresses a limitation in large language models (LLMs), which are based on neural networks and learn from vast datasets to understand and replicate human language patterns. RAG enhances these models by ensuring that the generated content is not only linguistically coherent but also factually accurate.

The adoption of Retrieve and Generate (RAG) technology marks a leap towards advanced document analysis capabilities within Ivalua IVA. By focusing on semantically relevant segments of large documents, this technology will allow for more precise and contextually accurate information retrieval. Future plans include expanding IVA’s capacity to understand a wider range of document types, further enhancing its utility across diverse procurement tasks.

Introduction of Voice and Vision Capabilities

Future iterations of Ivalua IVA will include voice and vision functionalities, expanding the interface modalities through which users interact with the AI assistant. The addition of voice commands aims to facilitate hands-free operation, ideal for professionals requiring access to procurement functionalities in diverse settings. Concurrently, vision capabilities will empower the AI to process and interpret visual data, enabling functionalities such as image-based catalog searches and the analysis of graphical information within documents. These enhancements are poised to make Ivalua IVA more intuitive and accessible, significantly broadening its application within procurement activities.

Specialized Assistants and Proactive Features

Looking further ahead, Ivalua aims to introduce specialized assistants within the AI, each designed to offer expert support in specific procurement domains such as legal, compliance, and finance. This initiative, coupled with the development of proactive engagement features, signifies a shift towards a more anticipatory and responsive AI assistant. By providing suggestions and alerts based on user activity and data analysis, IVA is set to become an even more integral component of efficient and compliant procurement operations.



In conclusion, the introduction of IVA marks a pivotal advancement in the application of artificial intelligence within the procurement domain. By delivering a suite of functionalities that surpass those of conventional systems, Ivalua IVA empowers procurement teams with unparalleled efficiency, security, and adaptability. Its comprehensive integration features, cutting-edge security protocols, and an intuitive interface facilitate a seamless procurement process, tailored to the evolving needs of modern organizations. The tool’s ability to harness real-time data and provide actionable insights positions it as a critical asset for strategic decision-making. Looking ahead, the ongoing development and refinement of Ivalua IVA promise to further enrich the procurement landscape, introducing novel capabilities that anticipate and adapt to the challenges of an increasingly complex global market. This forward momentum underscores a commitment to not just keeping pace with technological advancements, but actively shaping the future of procurement through innovation and intelligence.


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