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Procurement Innovation
PROCON POLZAK ’23 is coming soon


October 09, 2023


OptiBuy - a WNS company, PSML


Hilton Warsaw City, Warsaw
Oct 01, 2023

Join us for the 10th edition of the largest purchasing conference in Poland!

Each edition of PROCON/POLZAK is accompanied by the motto “Buyer to Buyer”. The main idea of the event is to transfer practical knowledge and share experiences together in the Procurement community. PROCON POLZAK is an excellent opportunity for networking and a compendium of specialized knowledge on market trends, innovative solutions and inspiring case studies.

Increasing value through Procurement innovation


The conference theme covers the current topics facing the Procurement world. How to find your way in a business revolutionized by AI? What is the importance of ESG in the supply chain? How do you effectively automate purchasing in your company? These questions and many more will be answered by our speakers.

This time the Organizers (OptiBuy – a WNS company and PSML) have relied on foreign speakers. A large part of the speakers are business practitioners and managers who have won great recognition in international markets. Speakers during their lectures at PROCON POLZAK (translated simultaneously by a translator) will provide know how to improve the competitiveness and competence of purchasing departments in Polish companies.

The main topics of the conference are:

  • Sustainability and ethical sourcing – ESG
  • HI+AI digital transformation
  • Agile supplier relationship management

Among the speakers were representatives of companies operating in the international market: Dell, Shell, Astra Zeneca, WNS Denali, The Smart Cube, Unite / Mecateo, Markit, Kion Group, EIPM, Procurence


The event, as every year, will be highlighted by exceptional speakers. They will share their insights and experience in their respective fields, including. : Tim Tabrizi – a legend of the procurement world (Your Coaching Institute), Professor Yan Vasek – a revolutionary in procurement theory, Monika Kieltyna-Michna (Head of Global Procurement Services, Astra Zeneca), Alpar Kamber (CBO, WNS DENALI), Joanna ZieliƄska (Global Procurement Manager, Shell) and Francois Dousset (Programme Manger, EIPM), Andrzej Zawistowski (PSML) and Mateusz Borowiecki (Managing Director, OptiBuy – a WNS company). The nail on the head of the program will be a lecture by Dr. Maciej Kawecki, a technology journalist and science popularizer recognized in social and traditional media, who will tell us in what direction the development of artificial intelligence will go. The conference will close with a keynote address by the much-loved PROCON POLZAK conference participant Professor Maciej Blaszak of the Adam Mickiewicz University. The acclaimed cognitive scientist will tell us what role business innovation plays in the purchasing process.

In addition, as in previous editions, we will get to know the Procurement Leaders 2023. The winners of the competition will tell us how they have made a significant impact on the efficiency of the organizations they represent and contributed to increasing the competitiveness of the company.