Embrace the Brand Procurement World – PROCON Online Forum 2021

In all the confusion around, procurement gained in the eyes of stakeholders. The well-deserved spot at THE table is a fact. Purchasing departments must now realign the goals with further strategy adjustments caused by COVID19 and evoke the potential veiled in everyday procurement operations.
RFIs sent, invoices processed, meetings attended, and emails read – seemingly insignificant activities increasingly accelerated by autonomous technologies – may become the key to organizations’ safe & sustainable outlook.

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According to chaos theory, regardless of the pandemic affecting our world, we may not predict the future of events with enough accuracy to prepare ahead. Still, procurement teams could and should do all they can to secure their organizations. Is that much different from the role procurement had in the pre-covid era?

To withstand the test determined for the entire world by the VUCA-driven business environment, the procurement divisions need to extend their internal and external stakeholders’ relations. Thanks to modern technologies, becoming a cross-functional task force is now easier than it seems. The perfect blend of competencies, new IT tools, digital solutions, sustainability-driven approaches, and openness toward innovation is vital to building an extraordinary procurement team. Able to mitigate risks, build viable supply chains and quickly implement emergency plans. Is that enough to make sure the organization will endure? How to achieve objectives and milestones that will bring resilience and elasticity to the organization while maintaining a justified seat at The Table?

The PROCON Online Forum 2021 procurement conference is an outstanding opportunity to find out how most successful companies got over and are dealing with the current crisis and to explore the possibilities of handling volatility in supply chains. Themed blocks – Future of Procurement, Technologies of Tomorrow, Supply Chain Management, along with Keynote Speeches – are a chance for professionals to discover ways for modification and reworking their strategies. The responsible and sustainable foundations, bonding together value accumulated by a procurement organization, strengthen procurement’s status in the management’s eyes.