Jamesway securing it’s sources with the support of OptiBuy

10 October 2019

Leading, global supplier of quality hatching equipment – Jamesway – launched a sourcing project with OptiBuy – a consultancy helping companies improve their procurement management processes and optimize the supply chain.


Jamesway Incubator Company machines are famous for reliability and efficiency in over 150 countries. In the course of continuous growth, the company looks to expand its supplier base in Europe for chosen strategic commodities.

Maintaining Jamesway’s approach of “worry-free hatchery”, we are excited to partner with OptiBuy for a “worry-free procurement” by sourcing commodities with high quality, lower cost & from a world-class supply network.  We are confident that OptiBuy's expertise in the region will provide an added advantage to Jamesway’s global procurement initiatives – says Ankur Thakur, Director, Strategic Procurement at Jamesway.

The sourcing project started with OptiBuy is reaching its due date, but it may be expanded for further proofing of the supply chain and securing strategic sources.

We are proud that a firm with such a history of success and reach, turns to us to support them in sourcing activities. The tools and methods we use today at OptiBuy were developed through 16 years of experience in procurement management. In addition, our remote and on-site experts’ market knowledge proves invaluable in such projects. I am sure, we can deliver the quality and consistency Jamesway is looking for – both in terms of our service, and the provided solutions – says Bartłomiej Bącik, Partner at OptiBuy and manager of the project.



About Jamesway - The Incubator Company

Jamesway plans, designs, installs, and maintains incubation and hatchery systems worldwide, offering the most reliable products and customer services for over 100 years. Jamesway has always been the leading supplier in North America and has now expanded to include facilities in Asia as well. Jamesway’s Single-Stage machines feature high bio-security, easy cleaning, and accessible, user-friendly controls that produce quality day-old chicks, poults, and ducklings. Invest in a solid incubation system that will last for years and experience the worry-free state of mind.

Learn more about Jamesway, www.jamesway.com


About Optibuy

OptiBuy is an international consultancy specialized in procurement management. We are providing a broad range of outstanding procurement solutions, using an international network of our own offices (Poland, Czech, Switzerland, and China), extensive market knowledge and advanced set of IT tools. We are one of the leading procurement consulting companies in Central-Eastern Europe. Our specialties are: the optimization of procurement costs (cost-cutting projects), global sourcing projects and implementation of the specialized procurement software solutions (Ivalua, NextBuy).

Learn more about OptiBuy, www.optibuy.com

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