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22 July 2019

Mysterious VUCA is fast approaching the business world — the next edition of the prestigious PROCON/POLZAK procurement conference, with last year’s turnout of 500 participants, is also round-the-corner.



Are you ready for the VUCA world?

As part of the PROCON/POLZAK 2019 conference planned for 21–22 October, industry experts and leaders will talk about the importance of Procurement for organizations, impact of technology on everyday work, and the role of the board and the management in building procurement teams that can face the challenges of the volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) business environment.


– Procurement has become considerably more complex in such a volatile business environment. (...) This will not change, we will have a global market. Conflicts will have an impact on it in ways to which we need to prepare – more events, more unexpected situations – said dr Peter Kraljic – a procurement legend and a creator of a matrix, which  has been used in everyday work of purchasing specialists all over the world for 35 years – during the PROCON/POLZAK 2018 anniversary edition.




Procurement in the volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous business environment

The conference will also host discussion panels as well as international and national industry leaders. Speeches delivered by Professor Christopher Abraham (CEO & Head at Dubai Campus and Senior Vice President at SP Jain School of Global Management) and Maciej Trybulec (Partner at Talent Center and longterm CEO at Sanofi Pasteur) will be the highlights of the first day of the conference

The international guest – Professor Christopher Abraham – in his keynote speech entitled Procurement in VUCA world will describe the signs of VUCA in modern business, the influence of the advancing digitization, and the impact of both factors on the procurement function in organizations. 

The other speaker opening the conference, Maciej Trybulec, will deliver a speech entitled Leader transformation in the times of VUCA, which represents a slightly different point of view – challenges that leaders who build procurement teams will need to face in the volatile and risky business environment.


PROCON/POLZAK is based on a proven, long-developed formula of experience exchange and networking platform enriched with the most interesting conference forms from the world-leading events.

This year, the popular and well-received Thematic Roundtables, i.e.: moderated discussions in 12‑person groups will be extended for the duration of the entire conference. The agenda itself will be divided, as always, into thematic blocks:

  • Direct Procurement
  • Indirect Procurement
  • Marketing Services Procurement
  • Processes and Tools
  • Talent Management
  • RPA (Robotic Process Automation) in Procurement
  • Smart Procurement Solutions


The thematic block presentations will be, as every year, complemented with less formal meetings. The Procurement Foosball Tournament always helps solve the eternal problem of who is the best procurement specialist (at foosball), while the accompanying event allows bringing our relationships into more casual and less official space – resulting in future business contacts.


PROCON/POLZAK will be held at Marriott Hotel in Warsaw on 21–22 October 2019.





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